The Advocate (October 2012) (Oct 6 2012)

State of the Union

I have completed my visits to each of our five high schools, and am currently planning visits for our offsite members.

Summary of my visits:

  1. The state of the district budget is largely dependent on the outcome of the upcoming November election, with Governor Brown’s funding Proposition 30 being key (more below).
  2. We made it through last year with $500,000 of our one time money, $1.4 million of EdJobs Money, and about $1 million given to FEA from the Administration's portion of the revenue sharing model. The remainder of this money will be applied towards the projected FEA $5.2 million deficit at the end of the 2012-13 school year.
  3. Currently the “Fair Share” amount is 8.9%, but if Proposition 30 or Proposition 38 don’t pass, our “Fair Share” could go as high as 11%.
  4. Health and Welfare Committee is currently evaluating bids from health care trusts, CVT and CalPERS.

Volunteer to support campaigns:

Yes on Prop 30

Prop 30 is Governor Brown’s funding initiative for education. If it doesn’t pass, ADA districts could lose another $452 per student funding, and our “Fair Share” could increase to as much as 11%. Click here to go to the CTA website for more information.

No on Prop 32

Prop 32 promises to stop special interest groups from contributing towards political interests, but really only stops “voluntary” payroll deductions for union Political Action Committees (PAC’s), while exempting many other special interest groups (corporations). Click here for more information.

Back to School by the Numbers

This CNN article gives a variety of beginning of school numbers for schools across the United States, the most interesting number being the per student average funding level of $11,467. Click here for the entire article.

Thank you,
Jason Heskett
FEA President

Published on 10/06/2012 at 10:41PM