The Advocate (November 2012) (Oct 31 2012)

From Jason Heskett:

Phone Banking

I would like to thank the individuals, from FEA, CSEA, and FMA (admin), who volunteered at our phone banking nights, we were able to call over a thousand voters during our three nights at the FEA Office.

Election Day, Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

I urge you to continue getting out the vote by; Talking to family, friends, and neighbors; Updating your Facebook; Tweeting/Texting your friends; and most important, getting yourself to the polls.

Analysis Highlights Prop. 30’s Advantages over Prop. 38

The nonpartisan California Budget Project has released a side-by-side analysis of CTA-supported Proposition 30, the governor’s revenue measure, and Proposition 38, a taxation initiative being pushed by Wealthy Attorney Molly Munger. The analysis underscores that Prop. 30 is the only measure that will head off $6 billion in slated automatic trigger cuts (a.k.a. mid-year cuts) to K-12 public education and the community colleges.

Click here for side by side comparison of the two propositions.

No on Prop 32

Prop 32 promises to stop special interest groups from contributing towards political interests, but really only stops “voluntary” payroll deductions for union Political Action Committees (PAC’s), while exempting many other special interest groups (corporations). Click here for more information.

Published on 10/31/2012 at 02:52PM