Health Care Ballot (IMPORTANT) (Jan 25 2013)

FEA's Rep Council has authorized a ballot on two questions, with a vote to be held from Friday, January 25, 3:05pm until Wednesday, January 30, 3:05pm.

Authorized Ballot Questions:

  1. Whether to change FEA's health plans so as to limit salary encroachment from health care premiums
  2. Whether to adjust our contributions for spouses/domestic partners and children.

Ballot Issues and Problems:

If you do not receive your ballot by e-mail by 3:05pm Friday, January 25th, please contact Ben Eloy by e-mail.

Summary of Benefits for the proposed Anthem and Kaiser plans:

Possible Cost Savings from Plan and Contribution Changes:

To see a matrix of possible cost savings from the two ballot questions, please click here.

Health Update Slides:

To see the Health and Welfare Slides from the recent Rep Council meeting, please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: If FEA votes to change our spouse/domestic partner contributions, will this constitute a "qualifying event" allowing spouses/domestic partners to enroll in their employer's plan even outside their employer's Open Enrollment?

A: From VITA: "There are some plans that would allow it as a qualifying event as a significant increase in cost however they do not have to that. The other way around this is to have [the FEA member] just drop the spouse at open enrollment and treat it as a loss of coverage and then they would be allowed on."

Published on 01/25/2013 at 11:00AM