How to Raise A Contract Issue

Each year we get questions about how to bring up a topic for consideration in negotiations.

Although you are free to contact any Rep or Officer of FEA, we suggest that you contact the negotiating team member at your site directly as a first step. (Feel free to send a “cc” to your Site President, so that he/she can raise issues at the Executive Board meetings. If you prefer, you can have your Rep or President take the matter to the Team for you.)

Your team member will bring the issue before the rest of the team. The team will consider the matter, agree on a recommendation as to what to do about it, and inform you of our thinking. Sometimes the suggestions are matters that are already underway, or that have been recently considered and will be pursued soon, or would create a conflict with other portions of our contract, or have been recently considered and rejected. By coming to us first, we can tell you if the matter has been previously considered and/or why we think the matter should or shouldn't go forward, and perhaps help you refine or develop your suggestion. We will proceed with Rep Council and/or the District if we think the suggestion should go forward. If not, and you disagree with our reasons or recommendations, you can still ask your Rep to bring it up before Rep Council, but it will be with the benefit of having heard the pros and cons offered by the negotiating team.

Please note that the team makes only recommendations, not decisions, and follows the instructions of Rep Council for what is negotiated in the contract.

To reach your site’s team member, go to the Negotiating Team page and then click on the appropriate name.

For the latest version of the Contract, please see the Contract (CBA) page.

Also, please note that we are ALWAYS in discussions with the District about the contract, not just at the three-year renewal events, and that suggestions are accepted at any time. We roll in changes as we go along through on-going negotiations, and release a new version/revision from time to time between renewals.